Thinking of retiring to Mexico?

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All of the money managers are vying for your money. After they make their predictions and illustrate what you will have as monthly disposable income on a ‘good economic climate’ (the catch-all) this narrows the field of WHERE you might want to settle yourself.

This bodes well for MEXICO as it’s well known you can live here modestly on $2000-$3000. Per month. Indeed, if you are astute and have a paid up place to live you can live highly on this same or less. Many people renting here presently live on a lot less but without frills yet with dignity.


If those numbers jive with your position, then Mexico should surely be on your short list. The reasons are numerous. The climate, the friendliness of the people, close proximity to grandkids and family to name but a few. Once that decision has been made then the next question is where in Mexico.

Mexico has 6000 miles of coast line so beach locations are plentiful. When you broaden your list of amenities such as movie houses, theatre, Home Depot and COSTCO the list dwindles rapidly. If a palapa and a hammock will satisfy you then you’ve found heaven just about anywhere on the 6000 mile coast line. However if reliable internet service and varied dining along with some of the amenities mention above then PUERTO VALLARTA has to be at the top of your list.


OK you’ve put PVR on your short list how do go about your due diligence? Well first of all Step ONE should be a short trip to get the lay of the land if you’ve not been here yet. Step TWO if once you’re interested in going further then I suggest coming for 3-6 months to get into the spirit of living here and not out of a suitcase in a Hotel atmosphere. Step THREE should be getting involved with EXPATS and going out of the way to meet and seek out old timers to find and get the feel of where you are going to spend a good deal of time.

image7To introduce you to Step ONE we can offer you short term up to monthly rentals at HOTEL CASA ANITA where we offer Hotel accommodations at reasonable pricing.  To illustrate our offer to share our experiences ENTHUSIASTICALY we extend (during the winter season) a Wednesday night ‘bring your own…broil your own bar b que where we have one or more of our owners on hand to share and answer questions about anything involving Puerto Vallarta. Having been here so long if follows we had first choice in location (Zona Romantica) which we have never regretted. We have a view of both the town proper and the beautiful Bay of Banderas. We’re only a five minute walk to the beach and 12 minutes to the Cathedral and town center. Bear in mind we have almost fifty years experience  in Puerto Valllarta living, building, and running a successful Hotel named  CASA ANITA.  We consider ourselves as missionaries for Vallarta since 1968 …so why would we stop sharing our love for the place now?

Now for Step TWO…..well here too we have you covered. We have several long term rentals spread all around the bay as well as one in the mountains in Talpa de Allende and one on a golf course near to Chapala which is close to Guadalajara and near Lake Chapala one of the largest lakes in North America. Check out our long term rentals.

image8Step Three is a given if you’re reading this. Let me reassure you that living here has many many advantages and very few disadvantages. One disadvantage is distance from family (although that can be a blessing in disguise). If you are concerned about communications let me tell you that telephone service is fantastic (free long distance!!) and now with fiber-optic being installed all over Puerto Vallarta data is fast and much cheaper than in Canada or the US. Satellite antennae’s allow you direct feed from the big networks, although to learn Spanish I recommend subscribing to a Mexican network.


Gourmet dining is prevalent all over Puerto Vallarta with Chaines de Rotisseurs members leading 5 star or diamond restaurants not just in the major hotels but spread across town. If you wish to dine at home don’t worry the selection is vast. This week-end my wife surprised me with a packaged P.J. Chang meal just out at COSTCO and for tonight, Alaskan King Crab which we’ll garnish with limes from my new little lime tree.


Being here in the early days allowed us to buy in very inexpensively and we are blessed with a week-end beach house retreat less than an hours drive north in Nayarit at Playa Mita near where the new Ibero-Americano Hotel is (the No. four par 3 hole is all that separates us)

image13-2From November we watch whales cavort in front of terrace where a pleasant ocean breeze bathes us during the day and reverses at night to cool us. The word Paradise is bandied about regularly here but it’s as close as I know. You’ll just have to come and try to prove me and many Expats wrong.

Bienvenidos…..mi casa … su casa.


HASTA PRONTO……… no te esperes….. haz clic

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