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The town of Mismaloya sits at the base of the Sierra Madre Mountains around eight miles south of Puerto Vallarta. Named after the huge rocks that shield the entrance of the Bay, the original name of the whole area was “Las Penas”. The rocks are called “Los Arcos” now and have become a major tourist attraction as well as an underwater nature preserve.

In 1964 the town of Mismaloya became famous When the movie “The Night of the Iguana” was filmed there. There are still remnants of the movie set to the west of the beach. Another movie that was filmed in Mismaloya is “Predator”, which was filmed in the jungle location now called “El Eden” on the Mismaloya River.

Mismaloya has some of the best bay and mountain views in Mexico. Because of the tropical climate and jungle, Misamloya has some wow-factor flowers, foliage, birds and butterflies for your viewing pleasure.

The deep water cove which Mismaloya sits in, protects it from rough winds and waters. Many of the residents living in Mismaloya work on the beach. Panga boats can take you from Mismaloya beach for sightseeing adventures, fishing charters, snorkeling trips or they can work as a water taxi to take you to some of the more remote locations. Mismaloya has some of the Bay area’s best fishermen. Mismaloya beach also offers some palapa covered beachfront restaurants that serve you fresh seafood which is caught by the local fishermen. (Lobsters, octopus, finfish and many more)

Mexicans from all over the country visit this area during the summer months when school is not in session. Mismaloya is a very popular vacation spot.

The largest zoo in Mexico (El Zoologico de Vallarta) is located here and is very unique because of the up close and personal touch. People can play with baby lions, tigers, panthers and jaguars in a designated area. This photo opportunity amazing!

Residents of Mismaloya are very friendly and happy people. You will feel very welcome in the area.

There is also an expat community in the Mismaloya area, but most of the foreign owners only live here part of the year. Mostly during the winter months Canadians and Americans alike are commonplace.

The Mismaloya area normally has more rainfall than Puerto Vallarta. The rainy season in Mismaloya runs from June thru October and this rain keeps Mismaloya nice and green most of the year.

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