The Malecon

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The new Malecón is Puerto Vallarta’s most popular tourist attraction by far.

Located in the center of the city, the Malecón is the special jewel of the town; a more than one mile long seawall (or boardwalk) that stretches from Los Muertos Beach in Old (Viejo) Vallarta at the south end all the way to Hidalgo Park at the north end of town.

The reconstructed, remodeled, re-paved, expanded, and enlarged waterfront walk-way is at the heart of the Vallarta’s rebirth. The old narrow sidewalks with few places to sit, the broken cobblestones, and traffic noise and pollution are gone.

The new Malecón is a broad, brick-lined, walk-friendly, car-free boulevard with plenty of benches for people to sit on and many of trees for shade. It is a place for romance and excitement. The new Malecón is a place where you will find plenty of  things to do and see to keep you excited today and also give you some great memories that will last a lifetime.

69844544_99e7f85210‘In Search of Reason’ by Sergio Bustamante is one of the many unique sculptures on the ‘new Malecón’

Some of the things you can see on the Malecón on a typical afternoon include artists, stilt walkers, musicians, dancers in costume, skaters, clowns, mimes, fishermen, sand sculptors, and people riding the bicycles built-for-two that they provide there as a courtesy for locals and tourists.

You will pass many Puerto Vallarta landmarks, attractions and statues including one of this beautiful town’s favorite pieces, the Friendship Fountain, with its three dolphins.

The Pacific ocean crashes on the one side of this well known attraction while on the other side you will find small shops selling everything from Cuban cigars and hand-stitched sandals to fresh fish and fresh-squeezed orange juice

You will also find money-changing booths, sidewalk cafes,  restaurants, Oxxos (Mexican convenience stores), tortilla and taco stands, places to book excursions and pharmacies.

The large outdoor amphitheater called Los Arcos (the Arches,) where live entertainment and numerous different kinds of outdoor attractions occur nightly is located near the center of this waterfront boulevard. Cultural events, live music, Xiutla folkloric dancers and the ever-popular clown shows are among the many things that can be seen in the amphitheater on the Puerto Vallarta Malecón every evening.

The evenings also offer you extravagant night clubs for a spot to party with complex sound and lighting systems fancy decor and superb service from the wait staff.

There is something for everyone on the new Malecón and, yes, the Puerto Vallarta downtown Malecón area which, along with other tourist locations in this beach city, are safe to walk around and enjoy, day and night.



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