Marieta Islands

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The Marieta Islands, are definitely one of the tours and adventures you need to put on your short list to enjoy during your stay in Puerto Vallarta or anywhere in the Banderas Bay area.

Marieta-Islands-Hidden-BeachThe Marieta Islands are a tiny group of uninhabited islands a few miles off the North coast of the Banderas Bay (the closest town is Punta de Mita). They have two main volcanic islands dating from around 60,000 years ago. One is called Isla Redonda (Round Island) and the other Isla Larga (Long Island).

These islands were used as targets in military bombing exercises in the early 1900’s and that would have continued if it was not for the intervention of Jacques-Yves Cousteau (and others) in the 1960’s. Since then they have been protected and are a real natural treasure…


The Hidden Beach (Lovers’ Beach)

These islands are famous for a beach known as the “hidden beach” or “Lover’s Beach”, which can be seen from the air through a crater.

This underground beach was concealed from view for quite a while and was actually found because of those bombs that were destroying the island.


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