About Whale Watching

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Puerto Vallarta offers the perfect environment for romance, so it’s no surprise that the impressive humpback whales have chosen this Mexican coastal destination for mating and giving birth to their young!

These massive mammals travel well over 7,000 miles from the chilly waters of Alaska to mate or give birth to their young in the waters of the Banderas Bay. Their pregnancy lasts about 11 months. Whale watching season in Puerto Vallarta is in the wintertime, from the end of November through the end of March. Each year, around 600 humpback whales migrate to the tepid waters of Mexico’s Pacific coast in search of love.

You don’t want to miss the mating rituals of the humpback whales. This is a unique experience. The males perform majestic acrobatics as they dive into the water seeking the attention of females in heat. Breaching, spy-hopping, fin and tail slapping are all part of the entertainment when heading out on whale watching adventure. You’ll also love to watch the mothers teaching and protecting their young that weigh about 1,500 pounds at birth.

There are several options for taking a whale watching tour in Puerto Vallarta. Depending on what’s the overall experience you want you can pick from a speed boat adventure to a calm sailing cruise. One of the best spots for whale watching is the popular Marieta Islands located just over one hour from Puerto Vallarta.

No matter which option you choose, they all offer a magnificent experience of whale watching in Puerto Vallarta. See these amazing animals jumping and swimming and in their natural habitat. Once you hear a whale singing you will fall in love with this species.

Remember to bring your camera and get ready for an unforgettable experience!




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